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The ingenuity inspiring Teaz brand came from Founder & CEO Tonya Grubb. Tonya has always had the entrepreneurial passion, persistence, and drive that it takes to launch a new brand in an extremely competitive market. With two decades of knowledge in the beverage industry along with her artistic imagination, Tonya set out to create a unique bottle design that would stand out from other brands.  Not only did she design a one of a kind bottle with intricate detail, from “her" hand painted bikini, to “her" notable ankle tattoo, down to “her" dazzling high heals (did we also mention Teaz seductive curves?) This work of art took her 3 years to perfect as she would not settle for anything less. And with her visually stunning bottle design, she would only use an equally extraordinary vodka so Tonya followed her roots to France where she would help create an award winning premium vodka she is proud to serve. Teaz Vodka tantalizes all your senses by combining the finest wheat from France with the purest water from the French Alps, and is distilled five times to create our silky smooth premium vodka. 

We hope you will see, feel and taste the passion that went into creating Teaz Vodka.

Enjoy the Teaz… 

Drink with Passion but Responsibly.